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VariaMetrix is a marketing analytics platform that combines real-world data with performance data to compare all channels and optimize results. It sees what works, what doesn't, and how to optimize performance for your business. Created by marketers, VariaMetrix is designed for teams to start data-driven storytelling without a background in data science, but powerful enough for data nerds.

Meaningful data

Meaningful data illustraion
  • Charts that actually tell you something

    VariaMetrix is focused on making data more beautiful and usable. Beyond standard reporting, VariaMetrix easily lets you compare to previous and average data so you can see the effect of your campaigns over baselines.

  • Multiple date ranges

    The date view of any report can be made independent of the rest of the reports in a dashboard so you can compare the same report in different ways on one screen.

  • Combined sources and attribution

    Measure more than just the overall results of your marketing efforts—let VariaMetrix show you where your success is coming from so you can improve on what works and learn what doesn't.

Total data ownership

Total data ownership illustraion
  • Data warehousing

    You don't have to worry about losing third-party data with VariaMetrix. Our core modules always keep data under your control, even if your data source goes kaput.

  • More information

    Because you control how data is collected with VariaMetrix, there's no limit to the range of custom data and detailed information that can be collected. Our implementation services help you integrate VariaMetrix in your web site or app.

  • Fine-grained exact data

    Most analytics tools only offer their subscribes vague information about ad performance, web performance, and user interaction. VariaMetrix doesn't report in fuzzy numbers; we give you the actual information.

  • Anytime export

    With VariaMetrix, you can request all data to be turned over to you instead of living on third-party servers.

Easy-to-use interface

Easy-to-use interface illustraion
  • Drag-and-drop dashboards

    VariaMetrix makes it easy to build featureful and meaningful reports. Just drag and drop from pre-made analytic charts or create your own.

  • Simple chartbuilding

    Developers and novices alike can create new charts from any data source.

  • Comparisons with a click

    Want to compare apples to apples, or even blue whales to petunia bowls? Just drag and drop to create beautiful and meaningful combination charts.

Publication-quality reporting

Publication-quality reporting illustraion
  • Multiple export formats

    As always, your data is all your own in VariaMetrix. Export the source data of any chart into a universal format like CSV, or export presentation-ready graphics to PowerPoint, PDF, LaTeX, and other formats.

  • Org-wide and private dashboards

    Set up reports for your organization, workgroups, and yourself so everyone can be onthe same page when they need to, and work in their own zone when it counts.

Human and AI insights

Human and AI insights illustraion
  • Automatic notation

    Don't waste your humans' time on marking up reports and writing summaries. VariaMetrix goals can find events and notate them, aligning reports to the events that matter.

  • Flexible notes

    Create notes with a click. The powerful annotation tool lets you mark single points in time or ranges, and automatically aligns your dashboards to give context to your analysis.

  • Advanced goals

    Using advanced machine learning and pattern matching, VariaMetrix allows you to find patterns in your data and automatically annotate them, using pre-defined goal templates that actually explain the data.