Intuitive interface

VariaMetrix is a tool created for marketers by marketers, but not everyone has a background in data science. It’s designed from the beginning to be intuitive and engaging for any level of user.

Stylized key on VariaMetrix pie chart block

Built for the many-hats

Whatever your marketing role, VariaMetrix makes it easier. From automated dashboards to channel attribution, VariaMetrix lets you see beyond the data and get you to the insights you need.

Annotate data, not charts

Data spikes happen, but that doesn't mean the whole team needs to investigate and lose a whole day of productivity. With VariaMetrix, one person can research and annotate the patterns they find and communicate those findings to everyone right within the charts. Insights are connected to the data itself, so when another user views a chart with the annotated data, they'll also see the annotation.

Atomicity on demand

VariaMetrix is the only tool that lets you set filters chart-by-chart or across the entire dashboard. If you want to see the same data over multiple timeframes on one screen, go ahead! Or lock a combination of charts to your global timescale and update them all at once. VariaMetrix puts you in total control of how your information is displayed.