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VariaMetrix is an agency-friendly tool that streamlines your work with clients and showcases the effectiveness of everything you do for them. Write executive summaries directly with the data and filter it to demonstrate your value proposition. Save time by automating the build and delivery of reports and dashboards. As an agency partner, you'll have full access to this powerful tool and the ability to resell it to your clients at your rate, white-labeled for your brand.

  • Branded presentations
  • Shared insights
  • Private workspaces
  • Extra revenue
  • Easy set-up
  • Total data ownership

Automated, presentation-ready reporting

Export any dashboard directly to PowerPoint. Every chart block is a slide that uses native Office data. That means you can apply your agency templates with one click—fully white-labeled.

PowerPoint showing live data exported from VariaMetrix

Insights discovered by one are visible to all

VariaMetrix annotations are attached to the data, not the chart. When an analyst adds notes to a report, all other reports that pull the same data get to see it. This builds a central knowledge base, preventing communication mishaps.

VariaMetrix dashboard management screenshot

Separate dashboards for clients and management

It's important to keep works-in-progress from cluttering up clients' attention—or worse, presenting incomplete or misleading information. VariaMetrix allows you to publish dashboards to clients when you're confident with them and on your terms.

VariaMetrix configuration screenshot

Easy set-up without developer support

Ease-of-use is one of the core goals of VariaMetrix. The faster you get set up and the easier you can create reports, the sooner you can start providing top-tier value to your clients. Nearly everything is drag-and-drop or uses simple configuration panes, with the minimal code-fussing.

Padlock near a computer

You own the data

“Free” third-party analytics services collect data on your behalf, use it for their own purposes, and let you have some of it back. VariaMetrix gives you complete access to all of the data it collects, and always makes it available for export or reporting or anything else you want to do with it.

Padlock near a computer

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